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Wireless and battery wall switch - 1-button, F&Wave radio control

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F&F Wireless and battery wall switch - 1-button, F&Wave radio control FW-WS1
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F&Wave is a family of wireless devices controlled by radio with a range of up to 100 meters. The receivers are available in either a DIN-rail mounting version (housing 1S) or a Ø60 flush-mounted version. The transmitters are available as handheld remote controllers or as a flush-mounted version. The receivers relay control signals. The device that receives a control signal from the transmitter will automatically send it forward, which allows to increase the range of the remote control.

F&Wave is a family of wireless devices controlled by radio. This offer is for customers who want to raise the comfort of life and are not willing to spend a lot of money to achieve it. Thanks to the easy installation and configuration of system components the F&Wave fits perfectly in the concept of "Do it yourself". The unique feature of the F&Wave system is a retransmission of the signal. Receivers relay control signals. Each receiver that receives the control signal from the transmitter automatically sends it on, which increases the range of control.

The second important feature of the F&Wave system is that all actuator modules are equipped with inputs for the local buttons, which is a  great convenience due to the elimination of additional transmitters, in particular the battery-powered ones. The above solution significantly reduces the cost of the investment. This solution allows you to install the relay modules directly to the existing electrical wiring using the existing buttons.

The system consists of receivers - actuator devices available in two versions: for installation in an Ø60flush-mounted box and for mounting on TH-35 rail (width of 1 module, which means 17.5 mm). In addition to the receivers, the F&Wave system also includes transmitters in the form of handheld remote controls and in versions for installation in flush-mounted box. The F&F company made every effort in the design of the remote controls and as a result of these works it created original designs of the 4-button and 10-button remote controls. The remote controls are available in white and black color versions.

F&Wave is one of the most interesting solutions to control all types of lighting, roller-blinds, awnings and gates and also allows you to control other devices in your home and its surroundings on the basis of on/off. It is an ideal solution for houses, flats, offices, public buildings or churches, mainly due to the non-invasive installation of control elements to existing electrical installations.

F&Wave is an innovative look at the electrical installation in Your home.

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