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Bulbs and accessories

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QTP8 1X58/230-240 OSRAM 360x30x30

LEDVANCE (# 131669)
5.77 € 11.53 € / PCS
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G4 6V 10W 7387 Optical lamp

Philips (# 923874510103)
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Fluorescent lamp TL Mini 4W/33-640

Philips (# 61568827)
1.80 € 2.57 € / PCS
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How to choose a light bulb?

The cap-base. In everyday life, bulbs with E14 and E27 caps are most often used, however, other bulbs with the cap-base you need are available in our store.

Power. To understand how much power uses your chosen bulb, you need to look at the watt (W). Power indicates how much electricity the bulb will spend. But this parameter does not indicate how brightly it will shine.

Luminaire output. This parameter characterizes lumens (lm). The larger the number, the brighter the light will shine. You need to choose the intensity of brightness depending on the purpose of the room.

Colour temperature. This parameter is characterized by Kelvins (K). If you want a warm, cozy light, then you need to choose a color temperature of 2700K - 3000K. And if you need white daylight, then 4000K - 6500K.

Light intensity adjustment or dimming (DIM / ND). With this function you can adjust the brightness of the glow. This option is not for all light bulbs.

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