Philips promotion is back!
Buy any of Philips lighting products in our online shop Elektrika.lv for the amount of 1500 EUR, 2000 EUR, 4000 EUR or more and get significant gifts.
Philips Hue: Make Your Life Brighter!
Spring - it's time to change something in life! With Philips Hue, you can easily make changes every day! Why? Philips Hue is the most convenient, smart and modern lighting system. Play with light and choose from 16 million colors to change the look and atmosphere of your space in one moment.
Compact, capable and economical charging stations from NOARK
One of the main obstacles for joining the wave of electric cars is the lack of access to public charging stations. Following the global development trends, NOARK Electric offers a new range of products for electric car charging.
Speciāla cena
Mi Electric ScooterPro 2 – ride with power, go the distance!
Ride with a breeze on an electric scooter through the city park! What activity could be better on a warm summer evening? Also, replace your usual transport to the work and back. It's greener, cheaper, and more fun. Your family will be delighted with your new purchase!
Profitable quality!
Reduced the price of Ledinaire Streetlight. Now 15% cheaper!
New! Screwless terminals from OBO Bettermann!
The easiest way to connect and disconnect cables and wires: OBO newest screwless terminal blocks for solid or stranded wires.
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