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WT120C LED 60S/840 PSU L1500 CoreLine Waterproof

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Coreline Waterproof - LED Module, system flux 6000 lm - 840 neutral white - Power supply unit

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Product parameters

Net Weight 1.82 kg
With air slots Yes
Type of wiring Suitable for through wiring
Suitable for wall mounting No
Suitable for suspended mounting No
Suitable for surface mounting No
Suitable for number of lamps 1
Suitable for light line configuration Yes
Suitable for lamp power - W;- W
Suitable for emergency lighting No
Suitable for ceiling mounting No
Suitable for built-in mounting Yes
Rated life time L90/B50 at 25 °C 15000 h
Rated life time L80/B50 at 25 °C 30000 h
Rated life time L70/B50 at 25 °C 50000 h
Rated ambient temperature acc. IEC62722-2-1 -20 .. 35 °C
Power factor 0,9
Number of poles 1
No dim function No
Luminaire with limited surface temperature, sign "D“ No
Luminaire efficacy 125 lm/W
Lowest energy efficiency class of the exchangeable lamp A++
LED nominal current at constant current 300 mA
Highest energy efficiency class of the exchangeable lamp A
Fit for monitor workplace acc. EN 12464-1 Yes
Filament test according to IEC 60695-2-11 850 °C - 30 s
Covering of the luminaire with thermally insulating material possible No
Connection type Plug clamp
Conductor cross section 2,5 mm2
Colour rendering index CRI 80-89
With movement sensor Yes
With light source No
With light sensor Yes
Width 87 mm
Voltage type AC
Type of grid Other
Rated luminous flux acc. IEC 62722-2-1 6000 lm
Protection class I
Nominal voltage 220 .. 240 V
Material housing Plastic
Material cover Plastic, structured
Light sharing Symmetric
Light outlet Direct
Light distributor Diffuser lens/optic/panel
Length 1504 mm
Lamp type LED not exchangeable
Impact strength IK08
Height/depth 96 mm
Dimming with push-button Yes
Dimming programmable Yes
Dimming potentiometer (integrated) Yes
Dimming phase cut-on Yes
Dimming phase cut-off Yes
Dimming manufacturer's proprietary system Yes
Dimming mains voltage modulation Yes
Dimming depending on control gear Yes
Dimming Zigbee Yes
Dimming Touch and Dim Yes
Dimming Sine Wave Reduction Yes
Dimming RF Yes
Dimming LineSwitch Yes
Dimming GPRS Yes
Dimming DSI Yes
Dimming DMX Yes
Dimming DALI Yes
Dimming 1-10 V Yes
Dimming 0-10 V Yes
Degree of protection (IP) IP65
Control gear included No
Colour housing Grey
Built-in length 1530 mm
Built-in height/depth 1530 mm
Beam angle Extreme wide beam >80€
Type of control gear LED operating device current-controlled
Max. system power 48 W
Lamp holder Other
Energy efficiency class of the built-in lamp A++, A+, A (LED)
Colour temperature 4000 K
Colour of light White
System efficacy 105 Lm/W
Power 57 W
Luminaire output 6000 Lm
Lifetime L70B50 50000 h
Ingress Protection IP65
Impact protection IK08
Dimensions 1530X87X96 mm
Colour temperature 4000 K